NDCR Race/Event Rules

National Dachshund Races Rules and Regulations
Race and Event Rules

  • All Doxies (purebred or mixed breed) need to be registered.  Registration forms can be obtained online or at various local establishments.
  • While we accept registration entries on the day of the event, anyone entering at the event will not receive the early bird registration discounts.
  • All dachshunds (purebred or mixed breed) must be checked in at the registration booth and receive a race day ID or they will not be acknowledged as registered and therefore will not be allowed to participate in the raced or events.
  • Owners of registered Doxies participating in races and events will need to show the veterinary shot records for all participating dogs at the registration booth.  We need to see them but do not need copies.
  • All owners must sign their registration forms in the provided location or their registration will be void.  Refunds will not be given if signatures are not provided.
  • All Judges Rulings are final!
  • Owners may not throw balls to encourage their Doxie to run faster.  You may bounce the ball ONLY!  Remember our judges are watching and as stated above, all judge’s rulings are final.
  • Dogs names will be called twice before the race, if your dog is not at the gate at the time of the race, you forfeit the race and there will be no refund given.
  • No Laser lights.
  • Mixed Dachshund Race: Must be spayed or neutered.
  • Other small breeds can race ,they must follow the same rules and not race with the dachshunds.
  • Any dog that bites another dog, person or handler will not be permitted at the races.
  • If a Doxie is injured before a race starts or during the race will be stopped and the Doxie will  be checked out by the vet.
  • Circuit race hosts can race their dachshund in all races and events, with the exception of the Adult race.
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